Strong Female Leads

SFL S6E12 - Return of the living convention

July 16, 2022
Hey there Leaders,
New idea. Actual show notes...
Strong Female Needs
Debs: English women's football team
Colleen: Sea of Tranquility
Spoiler Alert
Main Feature - Conventions!
Conventions are, perhaps inexplicably, back. Those of you who follow the Strong Female Leads twitter account will know that I was down at London Film & Comic Con this weekend and it was a BLAST but  there have definitely been some changes since 2019! So we were thinking - what does the future hold for this fundamental geek space?
  1. Difference between virtual and in person
  2. Less merch now and feeling less specialised BUT ALSO a growth in independent operators
  3. Is there still a space for virtual cons?
  4. Lessons learned (or not) - news in the press about Joseph Quinn
  5. Are you going to change your behaviour around conventions going forward?
Bonus Feature - Phase 4!
Look, we bang on a lot about Marvel but perhaps you've lost track of all the telly and movies and life is short - is it worth catching up on? Can you just get the highlights?
  • Very mild Harley Quinn animated TV series spoilers
  • Very mild spoilers for MCU, particularly Phase 4
  • Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Mild speculation about The Marvels and linked to WandaVision
  • Stronger spoilers for Dr Strange & The Multiverse of Madness
  • Russell Crowe's accent in Thor: Love & Thunder

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