Strong Female Leads
SFL S6E16 - New York, New York

SFL S6E16 - New York, New York

October 17, 2022

New York, New York! In this episode, Kate and Colleen are reviewing all of the news from New York Comic-Con, which at this point should probably be called New York TV-Con. Marvel! Star Trek! Velma's officially a lesbian now!


Plus, it's our book club review of 'The Echo Wife' by Sarah Gailey. What did they think of this twisty sci-fi summer read?


And RIP to Dame Angela Lansbury. She played a singing teapot and a witch who defeated Nazis, you best believe she was a Strong Female Lead.








Main Feature

New York Comic Con took place last week and it's become the peak autumn time for announcements for all the best things coming up in the world of geek. We've got some of the biggest announcements here...



Bonus Feature

Our most recent pick, from our recent fabulous guest Krissy, was The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey!

SFL S6E15 - Made up Monarchies

SFL S6E15 - Made up Monarchies

September 24, 2022


Debs: Noteworthy Book review:


Kate: Archie Comics





Main topic


There are miles-long queues here in the UK to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Today we look at some of the monarchies that have mattered (perhaps more) to us in fiction!


Game of Thrones. A whole series about a battle for the royal seat.

You watching House of Dragons?



King Triton/Elsa/


Queen Momby


Pevensie Kids from Narnia


King Arthur


The Princess Diaries


Star Wars?


  1. Fave?
  2. Worst/Best
  3. Why is the idea of monarchy so popular in fiction
  4. Which land would you like to rule?


Bonus Feature



Top Ten

Debs, welcome to highlight ANY of the things you think are key. We'll do a dash through the top ten. Maybe 5 and 5 each?



Kate's (Including extra in case there's crossover/mutual picks)


Inside Out 2



The Marvels

Christmas Specials

Muppet Mayhem

SFL S6E14 - Back to School

SFL S6E14 - Back to School

September 4, 2022
Colleen...this is basically an excuse for us to talk about She-Hulk
Academia in genre entertainment
Xavier Academy
starfleet academy
jedi academy praxeum
Battle School (Ender's Game)
Miss Peregrine's
Avalon (The Mists of Avalon)
Avengers Academy
Dance Academy from Suspiria
Monsters University
Springfield Elementary
Book Club: The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey
S6 E13 - In the middle of a chain reaction

S6 E13 - In the middle of a chain reaction

August 8, 2022
Strong Female Needs
Colleen: Strange New Worlds
Main Feature - SDCC reactions!
SDCC is back as the biggest update in the geek calendar and we've been treated to a plethora of updates, trailers, fun panels and more. As we've said before, yay for conventions.
So what's - well, not hot, but lukewarm off the press?
  1. Dungeons and Dragons trailer
  2. Marvel - phase 5! Avengers! Namor! Trailers for Wakanda Forever and an improved She-Hulk! Secret Wars! Daredevil! I'm so tired!
  3. Sandman!
  4. Rings of Power versus House of Dragon
  5. Star Trek!
Anything you're looking forward to? Any surprises?
Bonus features - Strong Female Sport!
Look. We're sorry in advance to our German listeners and also to everyone who isn't English but - IT'S COME HOME, THERE ARE NO MORE YEARS OF HURT.
Yep, we wanted to recap a bit on the Women's Euro tournament and the historic victory of the Lionesses and a bit of a look at how women's sport is doing at the moment. If you don't want to listen to the next bit, the short answer is: better than ever but still underfunded.
  • Do you watch any women's sport? How about participating?
  • Did you enjoy the match?
  • Will it change your mind about sporting stuff in the future?


SFL S6E12 - Return of the living convention

SFL S6E12 - Return of the living convention

July 16, 2022
Hey there Leaders,
New idea. Actual show notes...
Strong Female Needs
Debs: English women's football team
Colleen: Sea of Tranquility
Spoiler Alert
Main Feature - Conventions!
Conventions are, perhaps inexplicably, back. Those of you who follow the Strong Female Leads twitter account will know that I was down at London Film & Comic Con this weekend and it was a BLAST but  there have definitely been some changes since 2019! So we were thinking - what does the future hold for this fundamental geek space?
  1. Difference between virtual and in person
  2. Less merch now and feeling less specialised BUT ALSO a growth in independent operators
  3. Is there still a space for virtual cons?
  4. Lessons learned (or not) - news in the press about Joseph Quinn
  5. Are you going to change your behaviour around conventions going forward?
Bonus Feature - Phase 4!
Look, we bang on a lot about Marvel but perhaps you've lost track of all the telly and movies and life is short - is it worth catching up on? Can you just get the highlights?
  • Very mild Harley Quinn animated TV series spoilers
  • Very mild spoilers for MCU, particularly Phase 4
  • Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Mild speculation about The Marvels and linked to WandaVision
  • Stronger spoilers for Dr Strange & The Multiverse of Madness
  • Russell Crowe's accent in Thor: Love & Thunder
SFL S6E11 - Summer GoodReads

SFL S6E11 - Summer GoodReads

June 20, 2022

Hey there Leaders

Do you read books? Do you like summer? Do you like lazing in the sun and reading a book either with your eyes, your ears, you fingers? #inclusive

Then this show id for you as we have a very special guest to pick out some ace SFL summer reads just for you. Yes you there, the one trying to hide the it's too hot for a bra look.

SFL S06E10 - Summer Previews 2022 - FIXED

SFL S06E10 - Summer Previews 2022 - FIXED

May 28, 2022

Hey There Leaders,

As Western civilisation slowly crumbles around us with war, famine, pestilence and death galloping across the wheat fields of Europe, the seas rise and the skies fall and prices threaten to tarnish our gilded cages, RELAX! We've got the answer to everything, everywhere all at once.

Just bury your heads in the sands of popular entertainment as Kate and Colleen highlight the great stuff to look forward to this summer in cinemas and streaming services near you!

So sit back, grab some popcorn and soda and enjoy the apocalypse live and in IMAX ratio or just watch Top Gun Maverick and Lightyear and keep believing it's all going to be ok.

Love ya :D


SFL S06E08 - Good at being bad

SFL S06E08 - Good at being bad

May 15, 2022

Hey there leaders,

This time we look into those ladies in the pop culture world who are very good who they are good but when they're bad they're so much better... VILLAINS! Every hero needs one and the ladies as, of course, under represented. But those we have always steal the show and not just if they are animated by Disney.

SFL S06E08 - What in the Who

SFL S06E08 - What in the Who

April 15, 2022

Hey There Leaders,

It's Easter! That holiday that really wants to be the new xmas! But hey! Chocolate right? This time we chat Dr Who, state of the game, the specials, what we can expect coming up and how excited are we are for the return of the Sea Devils.

Kate Joins in for a review of our book club choice Piranesi.


SFL S06E07 - You Tolkien to Me

SFL S06E07 - You Tolkien to Me

March 19, 2022

Hey There Leaders

The power of the ring is coming to Amazon. We look at the teaser trailer and give some background to the history of Tolkien's wider mythology.

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