Strong Female Leads

SFL S3E03 - X Gon Fridge It To Ya

May 31, 2018

Hi There Leaders,

This time we're firing up our mutant X-Genes and boarding our very own SR-71 Blackbird to fly off to the Shi'Ar Empire and back as we talk all things X-MEN! 

We welcome back Alex Wiggan to delve into the mythos surronding the whole X-Family and Marvel's extended "Mutant-verse".

We also break the fourth wall into smithereens reviewing Deadpool 2 and spoil the Heckins out of the Kessel Run looking at Solo : A Star Wars Story.

You can find more of Alex over at It's a Stampede

Your Strong Female Leads are as always @katemccabesays and @dj_appelby on the tweets

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