Strong Female Leads

S6 E13 - In the middle of a chain reaction

August 8, 2022
Strong Female Needs
Colleen: Strange New Worlds
Main Feature - SDCC reactions!
SDCC is back as the biggest update in the geek calendar and we've been treated to a plethora of updates, trailers, fun panels and more. As we've said before, yay for conventions.
So what's - well, not hot, but lukewarm off the press?
  1. Dungeons and Dragons trailer
  2. Marvel - phase 5! Avengers! Namor! Trailers for Wakanda Forever and an improved She-Hulk! Secret Wars! Daredevil! I'm so tired!
  3. Sandman!
  4. Rings of Power versus House of Dragon
  5. Star Trek!
Anything you're looking forward to? Any surprises?
Bonus features - Strong Female Sport!
Look. We're sorry in advance to our German listeners and also to everyone who isn't English but - IT'S COME HOME, THERE ARE NO MORE YEARS OF HURT.
Yep, we wanted to recap a bit on the Women's Euro tournament and the historic victory of the Lionesses and a bit of a look at how women's sport is doing at the moment. If you don't want to listen to the next bit, the short answer is: better than ever but still underfunded.
  • Do you watch any women's sport? How about participating?
  • Did you enjoy the match?
  • Will it change your mind about sporting stuff in the future?


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